There was a bumble bee on our doorstep today, when I left the house. It was obviously in a somewhat weakend state and barely moving. I carried it over to a nearby flower on a piece of trash (there’s always some about), where it shuffled it’s feet a little and fed.

Now the interesting thing – I didn’t know they were able to turn their legs upward quite a way. That happened when I stroked its back with my finger [They, as most animals, tolerate that if one is just careful and gentle enough. Their “hair” does feel like hair]. Both front legs went up bracing against my finger – sort of like .. /o that (.. = other legs going down, / = leg going up, o = head).

It flew off eventually – after cleaning itself – vanishing over the roofs of the houses that line this street.

What is it with dog owners always misinterpreting what I do when I approach their dog, by the way? I usually start communicating with them (dogs, not owners) early – there’s eye contact for once – and I extend my hand/arm towards them, slightly, which gives them a chance to take up scent – an important sensual impression for them after all. It’s like saying ‘hello’ or shaking someone’s hand. Most dog owners interpret that as me trying to keep dog at distance/being afraid of it. “It’s friendly really! It likes human’s, just not other dogs.” I know that already. Dogs can read our faces – we can read theirs too … if one pays attention.

I’ve meant to put some links of “noteworthy” things I came across in here, since days, and say something about each – but I didn’t manage. So – quite simply, without much comments:

Afuganisu-tan (click next) — Japanese Manga about Afghanistan that isn’t only adorable but also manages to be quite educational – plus the story behind its publication (as seen on wikipedia) is quite interesting, too.

An American pensioner is building stonehenge. Without using modern machinery. Meanwhile the first excavation in 40 years is underway at the real Stonehenge.

Tutara’s (one of the oldest reptile species alive) are “evolving” (as in showing more DNA changes) faster than most mammals … but refuse to change.

A number of inventions are “unleashed” in Africa (Pull Cord Power-Generator, A Merry-Go Round Water Pump and Hippo Rollers to transport water) all of which illustrate that doing good isn’t a simple case of “black and white” morality (see respective comments on

Finally – the name for the mental health group at uni has been decided, preliminary. So our mission statement looks like this:

“Headspace is a safe place for any student who has personal experience of emotional distress. We offer a friendly and welcoming place – to be yourself and become part of a social, open, confidential, equal and non-judgmental group. As the group itself decides on activities our weekly meetings are what you make them. So whether you just want to drink tea (or coffee) and have a chat, watch a movie or participate in (almost) any other activity you can think of – come along. You can also join our Facebook group online to ease you in.

Despite the focus on well being and group activities we also aim to provide opportunities for Raising Awareness and education, lobbying and positive campaigning – both within the university and toward the general public and health services.”

[I quite liked “Fun-Da-Mental” and “Positively Mental” – but as the group specifically also welcomes those with neurologic conditions we avoided the word “Mental” in the end.]


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