Yellow Grey Black, 1948 (by Jackson Pollock)

In between the silence: Finding a new house, but – despite that – ending up semi-homeless given that it wasn’t ready by the date it was supposed to be. Moving in with Alex (part of Headspace) in her new house and having to stay there longer and longer as new house (installing new boiler, fixing resulting leaks, painting etc.) just doesn’t get completed.

Eventually moving in new home despite lights not working, house still smelling of paint, the day before my parents arrive for a visit.  Leaving for Ireland (Dublin and surroundings) with parents a couple days later. I still haven’t moved all my things (more than a month after moving in) from Alex house, given I don’t have a car.

The lights on the ground floor still don’t work. Those on the upper (my floor) do since this morning. The fuse just blows anytime one tries to turn on the lights downstairs. The electrician that was meant to come by and fix this had a death in his family and then went on holidays – at least that is the official version. Next week is the promise, but it has been that since weeks already.

Also, in that silence: Josh (Alex’ Dog), Headspace, the Arabic Arts Festival,  Mental Health related Conferences that seem pointless and not going anywhere (big money in little Liverpool during the Capital of Culture year though), the Brouhaha Festival, beginning to plan a trip through Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Letland, Lithuania, Estland, Poland, Germany and Belgium next year. There’ll be photos of some of these, eventually, but I still haven’t managed to complete the theme for the gallery and make it work the way I want to.

I also pretty much have secured a placement at Losehill Hall in the Pennines, which I’ll be able to do and complete after the winter term in 2009, but before graduation. Also: This weekend until Monday – Snowdon with Phil and Alex, returning late on Sunday staying over at Alex’ until Monday afternoon – and, finally, having Internet access installed at my new house yesterday evening.

There’ll be more regular postings here from now on, again.

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