2.246.600 Frames a day (*)

Confession-box is now finally back up and reasonably stable. The problem was name server related – first a necessary change, then the name servers not really registering it, resulting in a 50/50 chance to reach the site. I’ve re-worked the main page the last few days, now I only need to bridge zenphoto into wordpress proper. I’ve also started to upload photos to that gallery and will slowly add to them. There’s a lot of photos I’ve taken over the last three years or so, that need editing and sorting, that I haven’t really shared with anyone. I also hope to manage to write more frequently again, now that the technical side of things is sorted. A meagre 9 posts over almost a year that I own the domain now isn’t that great showing :).

One reason is that I just haven’t managed to keep routines much, something I want to work on. My course, given the frequent times we are away, has an ever changing time table adding to that. Framing my day by writing more and making the time for it seems sensible.

The Headsound group has started working on our next project – a stop motion animation – this last Friday. I will likely experiment some on my own, using my digital camera and will post results here, once in a while. We were discussing stop motion in general and watching some examples as a starting point for discussing where we want to go. I’ve fallen for Jan ┼ávankmajer‘s Stop Motion Animation: The Flat (split in two parts), Food and Dimensions of Dialogue, for example:

Otherwise – life just moves along. I am working on my dissertation, a short paper on behaviour in Mountain terrain and signed up for a Mountain Leader Trainer Course mid February. I’ve also been asked to rework one of the seminars I held last term as a journal article. For now that is on hold – I need to get the rest of my workload out of the way first. This is the interesting part. I have only three weeks left for my Dissertation and basically no data as of now. What is fascinating is that I am not panicking about that. I just don’t. And it is, of course, entirely possible to get that data through interviews and transcriptions within that timeframe as I have managed to write pretty much everything else. This is, however, an immense difference to just about half a year ago, when I panicked about pretty much any task at hand. I have no idea what brought that change along. I am also in contact with Graduate Development hoping to find a bit of a lending hand on where to go from here, working toward finding a job by the end of this term.

What is clear is – I will stay in Liverpool for at least another two years if I can, hoping to raise the money for the M.A. in creative writing I deferred a year and a half ago. I guess also that – in many ways – I am actually for the first time in my life actually “bonding” with a place I live in, in the sense of having a life outside the singular reason (study) I moved there for. I am not sure Liverpool is my dream location – but in the end, any place will do.

(*)If you operate on PAL.

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