Merry’s gone round.

Instead of a year in review post – or anything much else – this is (mainly) just a few photos. I got new indoor socks – based on the colours of Hundertwasser’s The Road to Socialism, General Lee has a fitting scarf (and is happy about it), my camera’s grown up, and then there’s that pillow that can be turned into a blanket and back – my new reading spot, including heater and the remnants of cake visible. I also finally fixed some of the problems with the gallery so a first batch of “Liverpool” photos is up now (click the last image to go there). More galleries and like upcoming.

The Road To Socialism

The Road to Socialism

General Lee

General Lee (with scarf)

General Lee Happy

General Lee happy

Grown up camera

Camera attachments (with bathroom mirror special effect!)

Pillow Blanket

It's a pillow. Or a blanket.


Liverpool Gallery (click to enter)

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