Amaryllis 2011

My amaryllis – that has moved alongside me to Belgium, Sweden and the UK – is flowering again. It has done, on a yearly basis. As all the years before it has sprouted two sets of flowers; I assume it is a twin. The thing though – it’s getting larger and larger each year. This time the larger of the two flower stems is 91 cm from base to top. That’s more than half my size! I had to climb on the (rickety) table and even then, with a wide angle lens needed to do an overhead shot, the back of the camera touching the ceiling. I’d hoped both sets of flowers would bloom at the same time, but – well one of the two had already withered before the other opened.

Top down

Top down view


Side view

Side view


Mutated younger sibling

And, for the first time, the younger sibling is about to flower. I don’t know what colour this one is. But it’s the oddest amaryllis I’ve ever seen; it just sprouts leaves all over.

Finally – here’s a panorama from a foggy day (that would have benefited of more, much more, photos adding vertical height).



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